St Anne's Golf Club

Course Name St Anne's
Standard Scratch 73 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 521 5 11 Straight down par 5, reachable in two, but stay on the left off the tee, fairway is narrow, but then again all fairways here are narrow.
2 368 4 17 Worst part is the drive, out over scrubland, which is shorter than it appears, so an iron or rescue would be enough, hole bends slightly to the left towards the green.
3 187 3 9 Straight forward par 3, what you see is what you get.
4 412 4 3 if you miss this then left is the side to go. There is a stream that runs up all along the right side, definitely to be avoided. Requirs two good cracks to reach.
5 382 4 7 Back down beside the 4th so river is again on your right, but this time you also have OOB on the left for those long hitters. Just be straight !
6 169 3 15 Nice par three, with OOB all along the right.
7 472 4 1 Monster par 4, if into the wind, you won't have a hope of getting there in two. Watch out for OOB (practice area) to the right from the tee.
8 375 4 5 Fairly ok Par 4, again accurate off the tee is a must.
9 376 4 13 Very similar to the 8th accept in the opposite direction.
  3262 35    
10 173 3 16 Par three over a lake to the green. Most daunting task here is avoiding the two other tee-boxes on either side of the green. Not the best placement of tee-boxes.
11 522 5 4 Good fair par 5, stay left off tee is the safest bet as you have OOB all along the right.
12 436 4 2 Good long par 4, one hole where you can grip-it-and-rip-it as there is no real trouble.....
13 489 5 14 Similar to the 11th, just a tad shorter.
14 396 4 10 Similar to the 12th again just a tad shorter, let it big dog eat !!
15 390 4 6 Nice par 4 which bends slightly to the left. keep on the left side from the tee is the safest approach.
16 370 4 12 Short par 4 slight dogleg right this time. Driver easily reach the large bunker so rescue or iron from the tee is enough especially if you are with the wind.
17 186 3 18 Tight par 3, with not much to play with, index 18 !! yeah right !
18 402 4 8 This is deceiving, from the tee you think you need to play down the right side then dogleg left over to the hole, in actual fact the line is straight for the pin, there's loads of room on the left.
  3364 36    
  ==== ==    
  6626 71