Hermitage Golf Club

Course Name Hermitage
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
Web Page http://www.hermitagegolf.ie/

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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 290 4 18 Short par 4 just a little narrow, nice starter.
2 398 4 2 Tougher second one, narrow tree lined par 4, with water to left of green for your approach, just be straight ...
3 348 4 6 Good par 4 that sweeps up hill and slightly right. Bunkers to front right of green are easy to get stuck in..
4 157 3 16 Pretty standard down hill par 3, just get the distance right, there are bunkers surrounding the front of the green which are not seen from the tee box.,.. be warned...
5 341 4 12 Slightly up hill par 4 which sweeps just a tad to the right, keep to the right from the tee to have a clear second shot.
6 299 4 14 Slightly up hill par 4, keep right off the tee as fairway slopes to the left, but mainly to have a shot at the green, go left and trees will block you... Don't be short on approach long is better..
7 201 3 10 Nice downhill longish par 3, bunkers to left of green can easily catch you out, but the real challenge is distance..
8 394 4 4 Good long par 4, OOB all along the right, so don't go there, Tree lined along left and two fairway bunkers to catch you aswell...
9 464 5 8 Good testing par 5, with OOB on your right. Accuracy from the tee is a must here...
  2892 35    
10 151 3 15 One of the signature holes of hermitage, teeing from a great height beside the club house to a green that is nestled close to the river liffey.. what club do I hit ?
11 520 5 3 Great testing par 5, sweeping along beside the river liffey, tough tee shot, then fairway bunkers to catch your second, don't even think about attempting this in two....
12 376 4 1 Teeing off blindlly over hill in front on this long par 4, keep a little left from the tee box as hole turns slightly to the left, two good shots required to get a score here..
13 178 3 13 Nice par 3, some narrow but long green, Distance judement key....again bunkers galore
14 339 4 9 Another blind tee shot over a hill in front of you, quite similar hole to the 12th just somewhat shorter...
15 455 5 17 This is a short par 5, two good blows would see you home.. just get the first one correct. OOB all along your right side.
16 369 4 7 Up hill tee shot here, and slopes to the right, so a nice draw shot would be ideal... second hot is blind over a hill to the green below, so prior knowledge is very helpful here..
17 378 4 11 This a another good testing par 4, aim between the goal posts from tee (two popler trees), if you get it right you should run quite a ways down the hill at the far side..
18 402 4 5 Good long finishing par 4, second shot is slight blind, just jump up, or stand on your cart wheel and you should see where the flag is, hitting into a two tier green, you need to get the right side...
  3168 36    
  ==== ==    
  6060 71