Turvey Golf Club

Course Name Turvey
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
Web Page http://www.turveygolfclub.com/

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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 350 4 6 Narrowish starting hole, just don't go left, long hitters can clear the trees towards green.
2 485 5 10 Danger on left from drive and then tricky second shot as hole turns to left and up hill, that's the only real trouble.
3 315 4 18 Hitting from elevated tee, and out through tunnel of trees, after that easy enough.
4 384 4 8 Dead straight Par 4, OOB on left, and 3 large bunkers ! Get a good drive and there should be no problems.
5 354 4 4 Very similar to 4th, but OOB on left is more of a threat and the green is guarded by a few trees.
6 289 4 16 Slight dogleg right here, big hitters might even reach green with a good one.
7 165 3 12 Good par 3, don't be long as there is nothing but trouble over the back of the green.
8 383 4 2 Toughest hole here, dogleg's left at end, OOB on left and right, and a blindish tee shot, drive needs to be long and straight to get a chance to see the green, which is located down a narrow shute...
9 175 3 14 Another nice par 3, trees on left, and right to navigate through, and water to right and short of green, give it a god lash, being long is not a problem here, short is not the place to be.
  2900 35    
10 311 4 7 Really tricky tee shot on this dogleg right par 4, with trees to negotiate and Water on right, and OOB on the left... Do you take on clearing the trees with driver or play safe to the corner ?
11 366 4 3 Just don't go left, loads of room out to the right, just watch out for 14th green !, OOB on left.
12 376 4 5 OOB on left again here, but there is room on the right for safety.
13 172 3 15 Picturesque par 3, requires a good long and accurate hit to to the tree surrounded, slightly elevated green.
14 400 4 1 Just long and straight here, nothing else to it really....
15 173 3 13 Aim to the right on this par 3 and let the natural terrain guide the ball down to the green, left is trouble..
16 503 5 17 Good long uphill par 5, not really reachable in two. And green narrows inot tree lined avenue
17 482 5 11 Straight downhill par 5, and water to clear to get to green, get a good drive away and you could be tempted to have a go in two for the green, just beware of the water...
18 385 4 9 Water on either side of fairway just about driving distance, so decision time, lay up short of water and have a 150 meter shot for green.... or not.. it's up to you..
  3168 36    
  ==== ==    
  6068 71