Courtown Golf Club

Course Name Courtown
Standard Scratch 71 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 318 4 18 Tee box points you wrong way down 9th fairway, you need to guide tee shot to the right over the line of trees. Bunkers on right of green so keep left.
2 399 4 4 Long straight Par 4, 2nd shot goes slightly downhill to reasonably large target. Distance from tee is the key.
3 155 3 14 Uphill par 3, so slightly longer than it looks, well bunkered to the front so need to clear them.
4 315 4 16 Great view of the see from here, tee shot looks rather scary, downhill and very narrow, but once you get out of the shoot, the fairway does actually widen out, deceiving from the tee box.
5 315 4 10 Tight uphill drive here, green is wide but narrow for your approach so difficult to get distance right.
6 303 4 12 Another tight drive up hill, with OOB all along your right. Not that long so no need to slam it off the tee, just place it gently up the fairway !!
7 375 4 2 OOB all along your right, if you crack a good one you should go beyond it without any bother, and should leave an acceptable 2nd, watch out for large bunker on right side of green.
8 189 3 8 Good longish par 3, again well bunkered on the right side. pin position is something to watch for here, as green does slope away left down the hill, deceiving.
9 491 5 6 Do NOT take your driver from the tee, a 5 iron is loads, followed by a 6 iron and finishing with a wedge. Hole weaves right, left then right. Water & OOB are with you on right side of hole all the way
  2860 35    
10 448 5 17 Very tight drive here, with trees on left and right, but it's down hill. 2nd shot goes back up hill to well protected long green. You can give you 2nd a good lash.
11 390 4 1 Long par 4 here, going down over valley and back up to green. Tree lined to your left, but you can have a go from the tee.
12 521 5 15 Another deceiving driving hole, give it a lash down the left side of the hole. Walking down fairway the green comes into view in the valley below with water to clear at the green wonderous sight !!
13 315 4 9 Sharp dogleg left, 5/6 iron from the tee should place you at the bend just before the bunker, leaving a wedge/short iron to the green, don't go long with your 2nd... just means trouble.
14 179 3 7 Long par 3, across a valley, Small target to stop ball on with hill to the left of green and bunker to the right. A par here is a good score.
15 350 4 5 Similar driving hole to the 4th, downhilll into the Sea.. but this one is really narrow... and there's a big tree in the middle of the fairway to put you off... keep it straight...
16 321 4 11 This hole fades around to the right, OOB along your left, and if you fade it too much, you'll be in trouble in the trees !!
17 373 4 3 Slightly up hill par 4. Good wide fairway to aim for, tough part is the 2nd to a green that is embedded in the trees, actually difficult to see the flag....
18 141 3 13 A par 3 to finish, short over water, just clear the water that's it a wedge or 9 iron might just do the trick, depending on the wind of course !!
  3038 36    
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  5898 71