Course Name Roscrea
Standard Scratch 71 Slope 113

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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 262 4 18 Short par 4, don't go too long and right off tee as the trees will get you, in fact 5 wood off tee would be enough.
2 449 5 14 Keep drive on right side of fairway to have view of where green is tucked away slightly veering left. Tight enough.
3 386 4 6 Only real problem here is length. There is some water on the right, but not in play from the tee.
4 150 3 10 OOB on your left, but real issue is the water to clear all the way to the green. Don't be short !
5 511 5 8 Really tight and LONG par 5, with OOB on left, and huge mature trees all along the left. Just be straight.
6 311 4 12 Good par 4, again huge mature trees line up all along the right, keep tee shot left of centre and no problems.
7 363 4 4 Good long par 4, veers slightly left at the end. Tee shot slightly blind, just head straight over the white stone..
8 141 3 16 Handy par 3 this, if you miss do it to the right, as the chip from the left will be onto a slope going away from you, imossible to get it close.
9 385 4 2 The only issue here is length, and a few scattered trees on the right, but that's it.
  2958 36    
10 447 5 11 Tidy driving hole with OOB on the left. Hole veers to right, so favours a long fade off the tee. Reachable with two good ones.
11 161 3 15 Nice mid range par 3, to large green. So having your putting shoes on.
12 443 5 13 Good par 5, again just about reachable in two, but the green is treacherous as it is tiny with a big slope, and bunkers to the front aswell.
13 403 4 1 LONG, NARROW, veers left, did i mention the trees ?, this is index 1 for a very good reason, a 5 here is a really good score.
14 157 3 17 Another nice par 3, keep it right off the tee, left is OOB and lots of trouble.
15 382 4 3 Another nice par 4, with OOB on your left, two good shots need to get to very sloping green.
16 335 4 9 Dogleg right. A good drive needed to get to the turn, then it's a handy wedge to the green. Watch out for deep bunker to front right of green.
17 189 3 5 Longest par 3 here, with OOB long and right, and bunkers to the left, so a good test off the tee.
18 334 4 7 Hole veers to the left this time, and OOB on the right, really favours a nice draw off the tee, but straight will do too !!
  2851 35    
  ==== ==    
  5809 71