South County Dublin Golf Club

Course Name South County Dublin
Standard Scratch 74 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 553 5 6 Easy starting hole, grip it and rip it...
2 408 4 8 Back up beside the 1st, nohing special another one you can have a lash at.
3 180 3 18 Steep down hill par 3, distance judging is the real test here, just don't go too long.
4 425 4 4 Good longish par 4, bends slightly left, keep up left side of fairway to have an easier 2nd to the green.
5 191 3 14 Good par 3, is longer that it looks
6 520 5 16 Big dog leg left on this par 5, keep up the left side from tee to have a chance of reaching in two by cutting the corner.
7 407 4 2 The drive here is the tough part as OOB runs along the left and rough terrain on the right.
8 384 4 12 OOB on your left, but long hitters can give it lash as there's loads of room long right.
9 404 4 10 Same as the 8th bit a slightly bigger bend left.
  3472 36    
10 406 4 3 Blind tee shot, no need to be long here, so a 5 wood or low iron is loads off the tee. 2nd is a steep downhill shot to green. Really nice hole
11 179 3 17 Another lovely hole, hitting slightly up hill to a well protected green, just get the distance right.
12 385 4 11 Dogleg left, with water waiting if you drift right off the tee, and river snaking all up along the right. Bunker on left of fairway is the line from the tee.
13 594 5 15 Nice par 5, don't be deceived from the tee, take the driver and hit it a lash. 2nd a short iron is loads over the water, leaving another short iron to the green.
14 435 4 5 Long drive hole.... grip it and rip it again here, tons of room down the right side.
15 559 5 9 Too large a risk to take on the water from the drive, so a low iron is loads, leaving a high iron over the water and another high iron to the green.
16 185 3 13 Longest par 3 here well protected to the right by the lake, just make sure you have the length to clear water and you should be fine.
17 434 4 1 OOB runs down both sides here, so being straightish off the tee is a must. Then leaves a medium iron to the green which depending on drive may have to clear trees.
18 390 4 7 Up hill, and bending to the right, it's a bit of a climb back to the club house. Give the drive a lash out between the trees, don't go left (OOB), take an extra iron to get to the green, it is uphill!
  3567 36    
  ==== ==    
  7039 72