Highfield Golf Club

Course Name Highfield
Standard Scratch 69 Slope 113
Web Page http://www.highfield-golf.ie/

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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 327 4 11 Unique hole here, you actually tee off the roof of the club house, with the roof of the driving out in front of you it's like a launching pad, driver too big here, so take a 4/5 iron for position.
2 349 4 13 Hole bends gently to the right, so best route is a low iron or fairway metal up the left side to have a view of the small target that is the green.
3 137 3 17 Pretty standard par 3, quite short.
4 525 5 3 Good hole this, as it snakes around to the left. Take 3 wood or less from the tee as driver would be too big, then take a high iron across the water to give you a small wedge to the green.
5 322 4 9 INRI... You'll know why when you play it... spooky. Short dogleg left par 4, water to clear from drive and in front of the green. Mid iron from tee down the right will leave a short wedge to green.
6 447 4 1 Really tough par 4, if you take driver from tee you need to be very long to clear the water around the half way point. Not worth the risk really, but will leave a longish 2nd to the green.
7 503 5 5 Surprise, surprise another dogleg, left this time. First hole were I'd recommend driver from the tee, Keep right to have easier 2nd shot over water towards green.
8 156 3 15 Short standard par 3.
9 346 4 7 This hole snakes right, again take low iron/fairway metal from the tee keeping down the left side to have a view into very narrow green. OOB/Driving range down right so don't go there !!
  3112 36    
10 225 3 4 Toughest par 3 here, and it's a long one. Don't go left from tee OOB, there is a little room out to the right but not huge.
11 406 4 8 Grip it and rip it on this good par 4, if anything keep left as the 17th fairway runs down the left. Going right is trees and OOB and is only asking for trouble.
12 528 5 2 Another hole to give it a lash on, just don't go right as it's OOB. 2nd shot the same , give it a lash and you might be able to get past the last line of trees leaving a very short wedge to the green.
13 152 3 16 Nice par 3, hitting to green that slopes from left to right.
14 285 4 12 Short par 4, very accurate and adventurous off the tee and you could reach the green, not worh the risk as it funnels up to the green, best take a 6 iron leaving a wedge to the green.
15 441 4 6 Long par 4 here, another hole to give it a lash on, just don't go right, you need to be long from the tee to have a chance of reaching in two.
16 150 3 18 Short par 3, with water at left and side, so don't go left then..
17 370 4 10 Tightish driving hole, but 11th fairway runs down the left so if anything stay left, as it's OOB on the right. 2nd shot needs to be spot on as OOB runs along the back of the green aswell.
18 338 4 14 Short par 4 with sharp dogleg right at the end. Take a low iron or 5 wood from tee up to the corner, and you will only have a flick of a wedge to the green. Long is lost here in the club house !!
  2895 34    
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  6007 70