Castlecomer (Ladies) Golf Club

Course Name Castlecomer (Ladies)
Standard Scratch 73 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 369 5 12 Slightly uphill par 5, a fade off the tee is required and if you get a good one, the green might be just about reachable in two.
2 277 4 8 Slightly up hill again, and dog legging to the left, really needs a draw off the tee, as if you go up the right side you may easily run out of fairway.
3 150 3 13 Down hill longish par 3, requires a good belt to make it.
4 307 4 2 Back up hill again, and bends to the left aswell with OOB on the right for your 2nd. Tee shot has to be very accurate, as you've a bunker trap on right and trees on the left.
5 341 4 7 Downhill par 4 with OOB alon the right, a slight fade of the tee should leave you in position A for your approach.
6 411 5 4 Down hill par 5, with a stream snaking down the right side, be carefull of the tee. As its downhill it is reachable in two, but very difficult to hold the green... your choice..
7 91 3 17 Short up hill par 3, just a flick of a wedge is all that's needed here.
8 276 4 15 Beautiful par 4, tee box is from a massive height, hitting a high draw might even reach the green, needs to be mighty big though. Just aim out along the fairway and a hint of draw is perfect.
9 331 4 3 Good par 4, landing zone for drive is narrowish and guarded by bunkers. The slightly elevated green is shared with teh 18th so quite a large target to aim at for your 2nd.
  2553 36    
10 420 5 1 Teeing off from an elevated position, a nice fade is needed here to keep the fairway. Not really reachable in two as the elevated green is well protected by bunkers, so not worth the risk.
11 317 4 9 After the massive climb if your still alive, you tee off out between two quarried walls, and blind !, but don't worry give it a good lash there is some room.
12 245 4 6 Short uphill par 4 with lots of trouble all along the right. Best take a 6 iron from the tee for position and you should only have a wedge to the green.
13 274 4 14 Similar to the 8th, except dead straight, and much shorter. OOB all along the right side, but green is definitely reachable with a good smack.
14 318 4 5 OOB/Trees all along the right here again, on this long par 4, grip it and rip it to have a chance of getting there in two.
15 97 3 18 Mickey mouse par 3, slightly uphill only issue is to clear the bunker at the front.
16 368 5 10 Narrow driving hole here, with a forest down the right, so that's not the place to go, mind you there is a clearing at the end, but you need to be very long to get to it.
17 110 3 16 Short elevated par 3, your target is very small, and protected all around by trees. Just make sure to take enough club and don't get caught by the trees on the way to the green.
18 287 4 11 Short par 5 here, get a good one from the tee and it is reachable in two, ensure to keep down the right side of the fairway or the trees will block you out from the shared green.
  2436 36    
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  4989 72