Bellewstown Golf Club

Course Name Bellewstown
Standard Scratch 73 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 515 5 18 Downhill Par 5 with OOB on left, reachable in two, thus the index 18
2 172 3 14 Straight downhill par 3 so plays shorter than yardage, don't go long over the green as water awaits.
3 431 4 1 Good long par 4 with OOB on left all the way, for approach shot watch out for water on the right of the green.
4 402 4 8 Tightish driving hole with OOB on left and scrub/hill on the left, really long hitters could clear the scrub/hill but you i mean really long.
5 151 3 15 Nice little par 3, only real issue is the water on the right of the green.
6 514 5 11 Toughest part here is the Drive, just don't go right as that's a watery grave, the trees on the left can be cleared.
7 442 4 4 Imperitave that drive is down the middle if you want to have a decent line for your 2nd, otherwise you might have to play back onto fairway to avoid trees.
8 402 4 6 Toughest part of this par 4 again is the drive, just get it out between the trees from the tee and the rest is wide open.
9 413 4 2 first of three tough climbs, straight uphill, so lots of lashing of the ball required. Two good shots to reach the elevated green.
  3442 36    
10 369 4 10 Shortish par 4 but steeply uphill, from tee don't drift right.
11 159 3 13 Third uphill hole in a row, this hole plays longer than it looks, and there is loads of room long and right.
12 463 5 16 OOB all along the right here, but fairway slopes to the left so not a real issue... or is it ?, the Fairway bunkers are just about clearable for the long hitters.
13 400 4 7 Back along the side of the hill here on this fairly standard par 4.
14 526 5 12 Back again along the side of the hill, not really reachable in two , so don't worry, just go as the crow would towards the hole !!
15 382 4 5 Good par 4 with green tucked away between the trees.
16 359 4 17 Shortest par 4 on the course, but still tricky, do you have a go over the dogleg left or just play straight, either way even the long hitters should not run out of room if they aim straight center.
17 235 3 3 Signature hole, 225 yards all down hill with water on the left of green and OOB along the right, needs a damn good smack to get it pin high here, if anything err to the right.
18 383 4 9 Good tough finishing hole, needs two good smacks to reach in two.
  3276 36    
  ==== ==    
  6718 72