Rathcore (Ladies) Golf Club

Course Name Rathcore (Ladies)
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
Web Page http://www.rathcoregolfandcountryclub.com

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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 434 5 9 Winding par 5, suits a fade off the tee, not too much though as OOB is all along the right. 2nd shot watch out for water on the left. Water a string feature on this course.
2 285 4 13 Tidy par 4 with water and OOB on your right so stay left of the tee !!
3 264 4 7 Really tricky dogleg left par 4, short hole so 9 iron from tee is loads to land before bunker. Another 9 iron should reach the water fronted green. Really tricky.
4 120 3 15 Slightly uphill par 3, only real difficulty here is getting the distance correct.
5 367 4 3 Aim to land your ball on the left of the fairway from the tee, if you want to avoid the tress on the right for your approach. Beware the steep hill to left of green...
6 271 4 11 Short par 4, only real trouble is clearing the water to the green. 2nd hole with water in front of green.
7 277 4 5 Third hole with water in front of green... seeing a trend yet ?, Take a mid iron from the tee here as the water is easily reachable from tee.
8 390 4 1 Good long par 4 with bends to the right. Aim just left of bunker from the tee and fade it slightly is the ideal shot. Only issue with 2nd shot is distance.
9 84 3 17 You've guessed it water surrounding to the front of the green. The 4th hole on this front nine. It's a short hole so just ensure you clear the water.
  2492 35    
10 457 5 10 Grip it and rip it from the tee this time, which should leave about 200 to the green which is reachable in 2. Just watch out for the water to the right of the green this time.
11 106 3 18 Teeing off from a height so take a club or so less than usual for this distance, and that's it.
12 366 4 2 The scrub that you can just about see from the tee is a water hazard, It's just about clearable from the tee but needs a good smack. Otherwise keep left for safety.
13 471 5 12 Winding slightly right, suits a fade from the tee to roll down the fairway. for 2nd there is loads of room on left and right of hole, so you can have a go for it.
14 311 4 8 Winding left par 4, aim for the bunkers down the bottom of the hill and fade it. Gorse bushes on the right are definitely something to steer clear of. 2nd will be a short pitch steeply uphill to green
15 322 4 4 Dogleg right par 4, don't attempt to clear the water from the tee, just keep to the left.
16 110 3 16 Shortish par 3, with lots of trouble at the back, and a portion of scrub land to clear to the front. Yardage and accuracy from the tee both important here.
17 294 4 14 Short par 4, aiming into the hill you might even clear it on a good day. Green is only about 100 yards down the hill on the far side.
18 392 5 6 Keep to the left on this tee shot, aiming over the trees, and give it a mighty lash !, will leave the green reachable. But clearing the water in front of green might not be worth it. your call !!
  2829 37    
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  5321 72