Arklow Golf Club

Course Name Arklow
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 110
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 406 4 10 The Potteries, Broad open fairway makes a relatively easy start, keep left to avoid rough. Large but well protected green.
2 446 4 6 The Graveyard, stiff test, best on course according to designer. Keep left from tee to avoid heavy rough and to get best view of green for approach.
3 198 3 8 Punch Bowl, called so as green is below gound level in a sunken bowl. Just be straight as there is trouble both left and right from the tee.
4 370 4 11 Road hole, OOB on right so don't go right. If pin is in front of green, be long as greenside bunkers gather up errant approachs.
5 437 4 3 Humps and Hollows, similar to 4th with OOB on the right. Only the lucky will have a flat stance for approach, thus the name.
6 437 4 4 Out of Sight, could be called blind as both tee shot and approach's are blind on this doglef right par 4. Tough test for the best.
7 156 3 17 The Burren, Deceptive par 3, requires all carry to get to slightly elevated green, stream to the front always hungry for errant balls, many rate it tougher than it's index.
8 343 4 15 The Valley, drive from elevated tee into the valley below, be straight lots of trouble left and right.
9 192 3 14 Warren Loch, Long but straightfoward par 3, watch out for water along the right.
  2985 33    
10 421 4 9 Don's Pride, Trees and water on the right means steer for the narrow gap to the left. Green has severe slope back to front, making cross putts tricky.
11 158 3 18 Nice 'n' Easy, name says it all... just watch out for the deep bunkers on the left.
12 412 4 5 The Hanging Stone, Good driving hole, ensure to have enough club on approach as green is quite long.
13 202 3 13 Chapel Hogan, Challenging tee shot over water from elevated tee. Watch out for OOB back left of green.
14 364 4 16 The Spinney, Drive best placed on left side of fairway, just avoid the spinney of trees, green slopes away making for touch approach shots.
15 450 4 2 Sly Gallows, OOB on left of green on this slight dogleg right par 4. Long drive is needed to have chance of reaching in two over water to the green.
16 515 5 7 The Brow, OOB all along right side and water snaking left, across and right of hole makes this a good challenge.
17 444 4 1 Janie's, Dogleg left frought with difficulty, reaching in two is deemed a great achievement.
18 554 5 12 The Sconce, Three good shots needed on this par 5, Avoid the deep hollow on the right of the green. Par often considered a good score here.
  3520 36    
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  6505 69