Bray Golf Club

Course Name Bray
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 401 4 1 In general Bray is a somewhat hilly course, not surprising ggiven it's build on the side of a hill. So first hole being an uphill par 4 is the perfect start to get your lungs in action. Just keep to the left side from the tee on this one.
2 164 3 5 Slightly uphill par 3, test here is the 3 tiered green so tee shot is very important.
3 410 4 6 Climb up to tee box, something you'll be doing a lot of up to 11th hole, this is a gentle left to right dogleg par 4. Keeping right off the tee provides best approach. Again keeping right on approach is best as well.
4 182 3 11 Par 3 from a height. Club selection from the tee is important here especially if the wind is blowing.
5 440 5 16 Shortish par 5, however tee shot requires carrying over a lake. Avoid this and chances of a good score are high.
6 480 5 4 Good testing par 5, trouble all along your right from tee to green. The large tree in the middle of your approach to the elevated green is the real tester on this hole. Lay up before it or try an pass it your choice.
7 369 4 9 Slight dogleg right to left, with OOB all along right side. Best aim slightly over trees from tee for the long hitters as the oob is closer than you think. Watch out for 8th green though just behind those trees.
8 341 4 13 Short par 4, definitely one of the easier holes on the course, and pleasantly downhill as well.
9 169 3 18 Another downhill par 3 similar to the 4th, club selection agagain imperitive here especially if the wind is blowing.
  2956 35    
10 300 4 14 It's back uphill time. This Par 4 is a dogleg right to left. with OOB (practice area) on left and trees on the right. Not that long a hole so fairway wood from tee could be sufficient to guarantee fairway placement for the approach.
11 322 4 12 From 10th green to 11th tee is the sternest climb on the course, and close to be the last one as well. 11th is a shortish par 4 with OOB on your right, the course signature hole because of the wonderful views.
12 357 4 8 Downhill par 4 again dogleg left to right. From the tee fairway is difficult to see, just keep your tee shot to the left. There's loads of fairway when you get down there. No need to driver from tee for safety.
13 177 3 10 Longish (flat), par 3 to large 2 tiered green and protected by large bunkers. A good par 3 test.
14 382 4 7 Steeply downhill par 4 with dogleg left to right. Driver or long fairway wood should get you just about to the turn for the very long they could try and cut the corner, only for very brave. But great rewards if it works.
15 440 5 17 Good generous par 5, Keep to the left on your approach to avoid having to go over green side bunker and large tee about 90 metres before green.
16 162 3 15 Good flat par 3. Generally plays into the prevailing winds which can make it a stern test.
17 398 4 2 Long dogleg left to righ par 4 with uphill approach to green. From tee aim over biggish tree on the right edge of fairway, and you might make it past the turn onto the fairway.
18 496 5 3 Really interesting par 5 to finish. Tee shot give it a lash, the further down you are the better chance of a decent shot through the very narrow gap up towards the green. Eagle here is very rare indeed, birdies the same.
  3034 36    
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  5990 71