Arrowhead Golf Club

Course Name Arrowhead
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 137
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 465 4 8 Downhill par 4 with a well placed bunker to narrow the landing area off the tee. The green is well guarded with bunkers on the right and a natural hazard on the left. Green is shared with 17th.
2 566 5 2 This uphill par 5 is a long hole for even those big hitters. A back left pin placement requires you to carry a bunker to a shallow green.
3 198 3 10 A deceiving par 3 usually plays shorter than the yardage. On a clear day look off in the North West sky for a glimpse of Downtown Denver. Don't go long !!
4 432 4 6 This short, downhill par 4 requires a well placed tee shot. No need for driver. Approach is over water to tight landing area a good test of distance.
5 352 4 14 Uphill dogleg right. You need to be long and accurate to cut over the rock on the corner, only for the very brave.
6 447 4 4 A straight forward par 4 requires two well played shots. This hole plays slightly uphill despite its straight appearance is a challenging hole.
7 361 4 16 This short par 4 has water guarding the green short and right makes it hard to stay dry until you are on the green. The ridge in the middle of this green makes 2 putts a good finish on this one.
8 409 4 12 Uphill from the moment you leave the tee box on this par 4, make picking the correct club for your second shot a tough test here.
9 175 3 18 A short downhill par 3, here the toughest challenge besides the bunkers and water guarding the green, is keeping your concentration on a tee box that offers an incredible view of the Hogback formations that await on the back nine.
  3405 35    
10 420 4 3 Great downhill par 4. Tightish drive with OOB all along right and well placed bunkers on fairway. Par a very good score here.
11 156 3 17 Standard par 3 just avoid the hugh bunkers around the green.
12 419 4 1 An uphill, dogleg left par 4. Tight drive and a sloping green make this a challenging and difficult hole, par here would be excellent.
13 173 3 9 Signature hole. Probably the most beautiful par 3 I've ever witnessed. Steep downhill with water at back so club judgement a real challenge. Keep an eye for that wiley fox that lives to the right of the tee box.
14 365 4 13 Shoot out of the rocks and over a lake. This 364-yard par 4 has a narrow green guarded by bunkers on both sides. Loads of room to let one loose from the tee, especially of you are a fader.
15 409 4 5 Carrying the rock formation to cut the corner is really only for the very brave and long for most not a viable option, as srub oak on other side to catch you. Green slopes from back to front.
16 585 5 11 Longest hole on the course. The correct line is down the left side of the fairway. As you apporach the green, this hole has a great view of Denver in the background.
17 202 3 7 A downhill 204-yard par 3. Be ready for a lake on the front right and a bunker on the left. A large green on this hole makes for a demanding finish.
18 502 5 15 Deceiving par 5 with hidden lake from tee, 3 wood at most from the tee to avoid reaching the lake. However brave drivers aiming down right side might just get a chance to reach green in two if you stay dry.
  3231 35    
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  6636 70