Heritage (Westmoor) Golf Club

Course Name Heritage (Westmoor)
Standard Scratch 74 Slope 134
Web Page http://www.ci.westminster.co.us/ParksRec/GolfWestminster/HeritageatWestmoor.aspx

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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 392 4 11 Straight downhill, only need 5 wood from tee still leaves short approach over ditch to green.
2 434 4 7 Decent par 4 don't go right from tee into car park of office ! although best approach to green is from right side, so rightish from tee.
3 594 5 1 Long par 5, although in the 5280 from sea level the ball does travel that bit farther. A chicane (left/right bends) guides you to green. Distance from tee to judge landing zone paramount here.
4 230 3 5 Great downhill par 3, give it a good belt. The green or at worst the bunkers are the best place to land. In the rough is suicide.
5 451 4 3 Dogleg left best to aim left from the tee to cut the corner slightly. Leaving a downhill approach to green. OOB all along right.
6 541 5 9 Very similar to the 5th just longer !
7 200 3 17 Nice par 3 long clearance over water to green. Loads of room over beyond the water so don't even think it's there and you'll be fine.
8 411 4 13 Slightly uphill par 4 keep down the left side to have best approach to green. Right is OOB so not the best place to be.
9 390 4 15 Straight uphill par 4 nothing fancy required just two straight shots from tee to green.
  3643 36    
10 421 4 12 Nothing too special about this hole, stand up and hit it a lash.
11 377 4 16 Slight dogleg left at end of this hole. Shortish par 4 just keep slightly right from tee to have best approach. No need for driver.
12 479 4 8 Good long par 4, watch out for OOB along the left.
13 611 5 2 Long par 5, definitely one to grip it and rip it from the tee over the bunker on the left side is the best line fading onto large fairway. Two choices for 2nd shot left or right ! All depends on your distance from tee.
14 163 3 18 Short steeply downhill par 3. Distance is key here as there are large bunkers to front and right to catch you out.
15 494 4 6 Downhill par 4, the one hole on the course where you can really see how far the ball flys at this altitude. Let it rip.
16 451 4 10 Good test here. Keep right from tee as long hitters may reach the water on the left. Green is tucked right over the water making a tough approach shot.
17 229 3 14 Standard if somewhat long par 3. Par here another good score.
18 566 5 4 Wonderful par 5 finishing hole. Lake runs all along right making this a tough hole to stay dry on for faders.
  3791 36    
  ==== ==    
  7434 72