Lucan Golf Club

Course Name Lucan
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 387 4 8 Drive from an elevated tee across a road, hedge & water, no heroics needed here, just keep it in play. Elevated green with water on left.
2 327 4 4 Fairway slopes sharply from left to right, aim for the higher side for an easier 2nd shot up the hill. Narrow entrance to the green between 2 bunkers.
3 418 4 6 Downhill Par 4 with a blind drive. 2nd shot is longer than it looks as there is a hidden dip before the green, check your distance.
4 84 3 18 Short uphill par 3, small narrow green protected by a tree in front and bunkers each side. Alternative larger green sometimes used, shorter tee shot but some wicked break on the putts. Stay below pin.
5 416 5 14 Uphill par 5, usually plays with the wind and is in range in 2 for longer hitters. 3 solid shots will find the large, fairly flat green.
6 321 4 16 Short Par 4 is drivable with the wind behind, aim over the centre of the 3 bunkers if you're brave enough. Play left of the bunkers to leave a very short approach to the hidden green.
7 145 3 10 Par 3 across the road, with trouble left and right of the green, a straight tee shot is essential.
8 376 4 2 Blind drive to start this long par 4, second shot is a long iron to a raised flat green.
9 352 4 12 Carry the large tree of the tee to find the fairway, this green is fairly accessible.
  2826 35    
10 378 4 3 Slight dog-leg left, no need to try to bite off the corner. Fairway bunkers protect the approach to a two-tier green.
11 174 3 7 This par 3 usually plays into a cross wind from the right forcing you towards the trouble that lurks long and left of the green.
12 299 4 15 Take on the carry over the stream to leave a wedge to the green or lay up with a mid iron to leave the same for the second shot.
13 336 4 9 Deceptively narrow tee shot, anything slightly off-line will generally find the trees. Bunkers waiting for any off-line approaches to the green.
14 419 4 1 Takes 2 very big hits to get to the green, the water just short of the green forces most to lay up in 2. Par is a great score on this one.
15 352 4 11 Slight dog-leg left, find the fairway with a good drive here and the second shot is a medium or short iron.
16 192 3 13 Toughest par 3, longer than it looks, bunkers left and right can come into play for any inaccurate tee shots.
17 447 5 17 Straight par 5, usually into the wind, protected by bunkers short and right to catch anyone trying to run the ball into the green from distance.
18 539 5 5 Tough finishing hole, OOB to the right & trees left off the tee require an accurate drive. 2nd shot to lay up to the stream and the gap. 3rd shot, a medium iron, needs to carry water to left of green.
  3136 36    
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  5962 71