Powerscourt - East Course Golf Club

Course Name Powerscourt - East Course
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
Web Page http://www.powerscourt.ie

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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 397 4 3 Slight curve to the right on this opening hole, with bunkers and OOB all along the right to catch those fades or those attempting to cut it fine from the tee.
2 458 5 13 Shortish par 5 with dogleg to the left, the fairway bunkers are perfectly placed for those trying to cut the corner. The real test is the rather large trees in the middle of the fairway hindering your 2nd ! Oh and loads of bunkers as well.
3 157 3 17 Nice slightly downhill par 3, relatively straight forward, distance judgement from the tee the most important factor.
4 329 4 9 Slightly uphill and snaking left then right to the green a nice par 4, with yet another undulating green to negotiate.
5 216 3 7 Longest par 3 on the course and again slightly downhill. The green is well protected by bunkers, long and right is most likely the best place to bail out to.
6 484 5 5 Heading back up hill another snaking hole, loads errant tee shots if not too errant should hit the banks on either side and feed back to the fairway.
7 384 4 11 Downhill par 4 with a really tough tree to figure out.
8 422 4 1 Index 1 purely for it's length, takes two very good strikes to get to this green in two.
9 354 4 15 Nice finish to the 9 holes, downhill drive with loads of space to give it a lash.
  3201 36    
10 388 4 6 Heading back uphill again makes this hole seem longer.
11 384 4 8 Another slightly uphill par 4 to a raised green.
12 505 5 16 Heading back down the valley on this par 5 that, just keep slighty right from the tee and you should be fine.
13 165 3 14 Extreme downhill par 3, plays slightly short because of this, so club selection key here... loads of bunkers for those that get it wrong !
14 349 4 12 Shortish par 4 that bends to the left, heading over the trees from the tee a perilous option as there are bunkers to catch you out. The green slopes back towards you so balls not well onto the green can roll back into the bunker... really tough green
15 359 4 4 Nice view from the tree on this par 4, again keep slightly to the left from the tee, and all should be good. As it's uphill it plays long.
16 144 3 18 Short downhill par 3, small pond to clear to reach and small green. If you miss to the right of green is the best.
17 537 5 2 Really nice par 5 down into a valley, with mature trees all along the right side. It can get a little soggy so keep an eye on your drive. Approach to the green you have to clear another pond so laying up is the best option.
18 384 4 10 Beautiful finish to the 18 holes with a great view of Powerscourt House, this slight dogleg left par 4 is a fitting end to the round.
  3215 36    
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  6416 72