Moyvalley Golf Club

Course Name Moyvalley
Standard Scratch 74 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 385 4 10 Par 4 bending slightly to the right so a gentle fade off the tee would be best, leaving a nice 100 yard pitch to the green.
2 229 3 16 Index 16 is the official ranking of this long and challenging par 3.
3 442 4 4 Good long par 4, two very well placed bunkers to catch your tee shot, leaving narrow landing area to aim for, clear the first one still leaves a good shot for the green.
4 408 4 8 Deciveving tee shot here, hole doglegs left, so aim left of trees in the distance. Leaving downhill 2nd to well protected green.
5 170 3 18 Fairly straight forward par 3, thus the 18 index.
6 575 5 6 Good par 5, tight landing area as OOB runs down left and water runs down the left. Get a good drive off and green is just about reachable in two.
7 474 4 2 Tough part of this hole is simply the distance, and I suppose the OOB on the left.
8 546 5 14 Get a good tee shot avoiding OOB in the left and the two fairway bunkers, leaves the green reachable, that is if you want to take on the water to front left, and water behind !
9 428 4 12 Straight down the middle par 4.
  3657 36    
10 368 4 15 Large mature tree protects this green, keep tee shot to left of tree to have a sight of the green.
11 434 4 7 Straight back up the fairway parallel to the 10th...
12 480 4 5 This one goes straight back parallel to the 11th which also parallel to the 10th... keep left from tee to have easiest approach shot.
13 621 5 9 Cracking par 5, fairway bunkers on left and right to catch tee shot, then on left and right again to catch 2nd shot, and another large bunker front left of green.... SANDY...
14 210 3 13 Downhill par 3, just get your distance right.
15 323 4 17 Back up hill par 4, 2nd shot to elevated green.
16 476 4 3 Cracking dogleg left par 4, with water on left stopping you cutting the corner.
17 199 3 11 Another good hole, this par three has loads of sand on your approach to clear, and if you go to far you'll get a tad wet. Good challenge.
18 602 5 1 I reckon this to be the toughest hole on the course, long, and with a veritable ocean of water up both sides all the way to the hole. Par is an excellent score here.
  3713 36    
  ==== ==    
  7370 72