County Meath (Trim) Golf Club

Course Name County Meath (Trim)
Standard Scratch 72 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 177 3 10 Teeing from a height down to green which will hold the ball just need to clear front right bunker.
2 484 5 4 Tee shot is key on this left to right par 5, water short right and OOB all along right. Long and straight is in the trees.. so a fade is necessary off the tee, that'll be the tough bit over then.
3 467 5 6 Really short par 5, dogleg right with OOB all along the right. Straight driver form tee will be in the trees, so fade is required, which will leave an iron to reach the green...
4 325 4 14 Narrow/Short par 4. Keep left off tee to avoid drain on the right which is hidden deceptively in the trees, just about drive landing position, sneaky!
5 374 4 2 Good longish par 4, with OOB all along the left, this time, nothing more than long and straight required here.
6 348 4 12 Bunkers run across fairway just where your drive lands !!, and you can't see them from the tee... but trust me they are there !! Green is well protected an all sides.. a good hole.
7 155 3 16 Standard par 3, with all the trouble to the front, just clear the bunkers and your're sorted.
8 334 4 8 Narrowish drive on this shortish par 4, another fade needed and hole narrows down to the green.
9 451 5 18 Pretty much straight par 5, slightly uphill, with green in reach in two depending on the wind.
  3115 37    
10 282 4 17 Short par 4, tempting to take driver off tee, but there's no need to risk it an iron will do. OOB all along left side aswell, and hole narrows into the green, which is quite a small target !
11 324 4 7 Similar to the 8th this hole, just longer, again needs a fade from another narrow tee shot down tree lined fairway on both sides.
12 170 3 15 Pretty standard par three, bunker front right, and trees all along left are the only real troubles.
13 336 4 5 Sharp dogleg to the right, driver could be a little too long if hit straight, cutting the corner really dangerous as OOB runs all along right side, take 5/3 wood to the corner.
14 309 4 13 Another narrow drive here, with road and OOB all along right and trees all along left. Short hole so an iron from the tee is probably the best advice.
15 310 4 11 Short par 4, dogleg's right, so cutting your drive out over trees, is the only way to go with a driver, straight will end up in the trees....
16 388 4 3 Good long par 4, drive straight and you'll be in the dip that runs across the fairway, leaving a tricky 2nd as you will only be able to see the top of the flag.
17 402 4 1 Tough long par 4, which actually requires a draw off the tee for a change !!, get that right and you should be ok.
18 493 5 9 Tough driving hole, fairway is generally cut really narrow so getting your drive to land on it is a mean feat. 2nd let it rip as it's uphill and a long way, watch out for club house on your left !!
  3014 36    
  ==== ==    
  6129 73