Island, The Golf Club

Course Name Island, The
Standard Scratch 74 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 397 4 4 Need a good drive down left side to have a view of the green that is tucked away.
2 358 4 8 Needs a draw off the tee to be perfect, but if not keep to the left for safety. Green is tough to hold as falls off the back.
3 395 4 2 Just length here, fairly straight par 4, What you see is what you get. Keep your approach to the right. Left of green is trouble.
4 356 4 10 Play iron off tee and keep to the right of the fairway to have any view of this tucked away to the left green. On Approach don't go left.
5 338 4 18 Blind tee shot over the white post, give it a good lash as long is definitely best here as it will run down the hill on the far side. Perfect would be slightly right of white post.
6 309 4 12 Very short part 4, another 4 iron or smaller will do from the tee, again steer slighty to right of fairway to have a view of the green which is small and narrow. Difficult to hold.
7 410 4 6 Good long par 4, pretty much straight as she lies. Keeping to right side of fairway or center ! would be best.
8 281 4 16 Another short par 4, 6 iron from tee sufficient to leave a Wedge to the tucked away green. 2nd will most likely be blind that's where the difficulty lies.
9 152 3 14 Nice par 3, Well bunkered green, just don't go too far left off the tee as that's where the car park is !! and bushes !
  2996 35    
10 479 5 9 First par 5, gently bends to the right, so a fade off te tee is needed to avoid the fairway bunkers but not too much as OOB all along the right. Green is well bunkered so going for it in 2 is tricky.
11 385 4 13 Good solid par 4, gently slopes to the right up to the green, two nice hits are required.
12 401 4 3 Gently slopes to the left so ideally a draw off the tee. Long faders can take on the dune to the left but for safety iron off the tee is enough will leave a longish 2nd to elevated green.
13 190 3 7 Signature hole with OOB on right and trouble on the left ! Great views of Malahide across the bay. Needs a solid tee shot to reach green in possibly the windiest place on the course.
14 333 4 15 Very tight driving hole, with OOB on the right. Fairway is only about 20 yards wide !, Even 2nd shot is narrow !! Index 17 ! beats me...
15 506 5 17 Beautiful hole from the tee, down the valley to the well dune surrounded green in the distance. Give it a lash here as you'll need it to get to the green.
16 173 3 11 Similar to the 13th except less breezy !! Elevated and well protected green distance judgement crucial !
17 385 4 5 Nice par 4 has trouble all along the right so keeping slightly left would be your best bet, watch out for big dune on the left though !
18 423 4 1 Final hole Index 1, and it plays it purely because of the distance, as for the green, elevated, well protected, and tough to hold. Needs two good straight blows to reach.
  3275 36    
  ==== ==    
  6271 71