Millicent Golf Club

Course Name Millicent
Standard Scratch 73 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 604 5 4 Daunting tee shot up hill with OOB on right.
2 502 5 16 Another par 5, this time down hill with dogleg right. Green is huge and t-shaped.
3 406 4 8 Blind tee shot, keep ball just inside left bunker. OOB all down right side.
4 159 3 18 Downhill par 3 with OOB on right and the river liffey at the back, and bunkers to the front. Distance judegement a must.
5 320 4 10 Great hole with river liffey running all along right side. Also lake to front/right of your drive. Keep your tee shot left as it will bounce to the right on landing. Geen heavily sloped, keep it left.
6 432 4 2 Bunkers on fairway to negotiate from the tee. Liffey again snakes it way along the right side.
7 359 4 6 Liffey again snaking it way along the right, watch out for horseshoe bunker from your drive on left of fairway.
8 356 4 12 Uphill with OOB on your right again !!
9 189 3 14 Downhill par 3, similar to 4th but no water this time.
  3327 36    
10 400 4 7 Dogleg right around the main lake, aim left of lake and fade the ball, long hitters might clear it !! 2nd shot has another lake to clear.
11 419 4 1 Longest par 4 and it plays it. Bunkers on fairway to catch slightly errant shots.
12 426 4 15 Slightly downhill par 4, more bunkers to catch your tee shot. Don't be long on your approach or you'll be in the water !!
13 528 5 17 Aim to the left of fairway, as there are two bunkers to catch the long hitters. Don't attempt to go for in two as more bunkers to catch you out !
14 382 4 11 Dog leg left, aim for left of fairway, there are 7 bunkers in or around the green !!
15 187 3 9 L shaped green with bunker on either side make this a tough hole to negotiate.
16 608 5 3 Par 5 no where near reachable in two so don't even entertain the thought. Fairway slopes left to right, so aim down left hand side to be safe.
17 196 3 13 This is a beauty, water to carry all the way to the hole, with a kidney shaped green to finish it off, no points for being short here.
18 590 5 5 Lateral water hazard along left means keep it right off the tee, then turns left up hill to three tier huge green.
  3736 37    
  ==== ==    
  7063 73