St Margarets (Temporary 6th) Golf Club

Course Name St Margarets (Temporary 6th)
Standard Scratch 73 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 358 4 13 Shortish par 4, tee shot needs to be down right hand side, watch out for bunkers though, green slopes from back to front, keep it below the pin on approach.
2 170 3 17 Need to carry water at front of green, which slopes back to front, watch out for water running along left and back aswell.
3 524 5 9 Grip it and rip it. Two good shots will still leave a pitch to the elevated green. Keep your 2nd shot's down the left to ensure a view of the green for your pitch.
4 456 4 1 Index 1 for a reason !!, Keep tee shot down the right, as bunkers on the left. Don't be shy with your 2nd, it's farther than it looks.
5 174 3 15 Tight par 3, water on the left and a steep bank on the right. Sam Torrance is quoted "Like threading a ball through the eye of a needle".
6 222 3 3 Dogleg right with river running down left side. Aim right from tee, and then fade it !!, will leave a mid to long iron to the green. Green is elevated aswell so club choice vital.
7 374 4 5 Based on 12th in Augusta, placed tee-shot will leave short iron over water to the green. Carefull there are bunkers at back of green aswell. A real nerve tingler.
8 479 5 11 Slight dog leg left, with water along left side. Good drive key to having a chance of making it in two, beware of green as 50% surrounded by water... (left and back).
9 398 4 7 Straight strong par 4, just bunkers to worry about and the gallery of people watching from the bar when you over hit the green !!
  3155 35    
10 395 4 10 Tee shot is everything. Just keep it straight. The green is rather long so have a good eye on pin placement.
11 366 4 6 Dogleg left. Threaded tee-shot will leave a very short iron. But a short tee-shot could mean you are blocked from the green by trees.... decision time ...
12 474 5 18 Definitely reachable in two, but watch out for water in front of the very long green.
13 194 3 14 Picturesque par 3 with water to carry all the way to the green. Green slopes towards water so be warned.
14 402 4 4 Two really good shots needs here, OOB along left of hedge with really narrow entrance to green. A tight one this.
15 180 3 8 Par three with water to clear just before green. Generally plays longer than it looks from the tee. Clearing the water is a must, so don't be short.
16 535 5 16 Run of the mill par 5, If tee shot leaks right you have drumlins and trees to deal with so don't go there !!
17 512 5 12 Respect is required. Three shots needed to reach the undulating green where a two-putt is never a guarantee.
18 458 4 2 A beautiful finishing hole, really tough.Good tee shot down left & long to reach in two, after that you need to negotiate the water in front/left of the green on your approach to the two-tier green.
  3516 37    
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  6671 72