Donabate (R+B) (Ladies) Golf Club

Course Name Donabate (R+B) (Ladies)
Standard Scratch 74 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Metres) Par Index Description
1 307 4 12 No real trouble just trees on your right off the tee, so steer slightly to the left.
2 138 3 6 Must clear water from the tee on this one, that's it really.
3 276 4 10 Again only difficulty is trees on left and right of fairway, the green is three tier and elevated... nice...
4 313 4 4 Slight dogleg left here, good long hole, just avoid the trees on the left from your drive and you should be ok.
5 273 4 8 This one has Trees on the left and OOB on the right so an accurate drive is a must. The green is a good large target but elevated for difficulty.
6 304 4 2 Hole looks longer than it is. OOB runs along the left side right up to narrowing entrance to green.
7 233 4 16 Very short par 4, you could be brave and have a go for the green, but there is water to front right and OOB all along the left, so best bet take a 7/6 iron from the tee leaving you an easy PW.
8 392 5 14 Big dogleg left on this par 5, you coudl just play a high iron to the corner from tee, but why not take a 5 iron and lash it over the corner leaving you a good change of reaching the green in 2.
9 378 5 18 Veering right on this par 4, needs a fade off the tee to have a clear view of green for 2nd. Drain to clear for 2nd shot.
  2614 37    
10 300 4 3 LONG straight par 4, that's it really.
11 355 5 17 Easily reachable in 2 par 5, gently slopes to the left from the tee. OOB runs along your left.
12 120 3 15 Standard par 3
13 344 4 1 Tough par 4, driving close to lake on right, with water to clear to get to green, not for faint hearted.
14 320 4 7 Running parallel to the 13th, clear the water from your drive, just keep right, as there is a sneaky lake on your left.
15 282 4 11 Again parallel to the 14th, Tough long par 4, just keep it straight.
16 158 3 5 Really long par 3, depending on wind direction you could even hit driver to this one, tee shot needs a slight fade to get around trees to green. OOB on right.
17 294 4 13 OOB runs down the right, other than that nothing special.
18 399 5 9 Nice par 5, 2nd shot really tempting to go for it but there is a lake to clear to get to green, best bet is to lay up before it.
  2572 36    
  ==== ==    
  5186 73