Naas (Yellow Index) Golf Club

Course Name Naas (Yellow Index)
Standard Scratch 69 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 382 4 5 Left to right first hole, hugging road on the right which is OOB, feature is the big tree mid-right of fairway to negotiate for your drive, ideal line is over the tree if you are brave.
2 373 4 7 Downhill narrowish but short par 4, trouble both left and right from the tee. Hole gently bends left towards the green.
3 129 3 15 Fairly straight forward par 3, keep tee shot to the left to give it a chance to feed onto the green, as it slopes from left to right.
4 387 4 1 Good long par 4, OOB along the right, so slightly left from tee would be best. Otherwise just grip it and rip it.
5 373 4 3 Running parallel to the 4th, but shorter, key is the drive, as you have to negotiate between mature trees. Approach to green on the left is to avoid scrub and hill on the right of green.
6 383 4 9 Really nice driving hole with great view from an elevated position, good opportunity to let rip.
7 463 5 13 First par five, not too long, key is the drive, as landing position is narrow, slopes uphill and is protected with mature trees on both sides, then there's the OOB on the right, otherwise easy peasy !
8 117 3 17 Fairly simple par 3, downhill and short, green is a narrowish target, but quite wide, and well protected with bunkers.
9 313 4 11 Uphill par 4 to finish the front 9, landing zone from tee protected with fairway bunkers on both sides, so straight is preferred, being short of them is a also a good option as the hole is short.
  2920 35    
10 165 3 12 Straight forward par three on the flat, just bunkers to worry about, and the OOB in the left this time.
11 374 4 6 Really nice hole, bends left to right and downhill, so a fade from the tee preferred. Approach to green is over water, but there's loads of green to work with.
12 332 4 14 Left to right par 4, so another fade preferred here. Fade too much and you are in the bunkers or scrub, don't fade enough and it's the mature trees.
13 487 5 10 Another fantastic viewpoint on this elevated par 5 tee, Trees on left, and well placed fairway bunkers can catch you out, but you really can't help giving it a lash.
14 145 3 16 After negotiating the steep climb to the tee box, this par 3 is similar to the 8th, just longer.
15 446 4 2 The sheer amount of sand on this hole is astonishing, there are bunkers everywhere, at least 7 on approach around the green, OOB runs along the left, so don't go there either.
16 371 4 8 Right to Left dogleg, and longish, drive is key to get it clear of the bend, and OOB runs along the left. Otherwise maybe not worthy of index 1 status.
17 163 3 4 Really picturesque par 3, requires a good long tee shot to clear the water onto the green, there is an avenue up the left for the less adventurous.
18 445 5 18 Uphill par 5 to finish, to drain the last bit of energy you have left. Keep left off the tee as straying onto neighbouring hole on the right is OOB. Fairway slopes left to right, making approach tough
  2928 35    
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  5848 70