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Course Name Seapoint
Standard Scratch 74 Slope 113
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Hole Length (Yards) Par Index Description
1 354 4 7 Need to be accurate from tee to avoid bunkers. Then 2nd tee shot needs to carry stream guarding the green. Tee shot is the key.
2 141 3 11 Short but dangerous. Guarded by water to front and right, and green slopes severly.
3 347 4 15 Accuracy not lenght is the key here from the tee. Green us very undulating so long putts are a real challenge.
4 402 4 3 Difficult hole with water all along the right side, keep left is the key. Don't go long for your second, one place where short is good.
5 385 4 1 Another tough one, Water on right and OOB on left, just be straight and accurate... even the green has water all around it.
6 484 5 17 At 484m tee shot must find fairway - this hole offers a birdie opportunity for the player who can draw the second shot.
7 404 4 5 Long dogleg right par 4. Left-Centre of the tee is best.
8 505 5 13 Longest hole on the course, dog-legging right then left. Not really reachable in two so not worth the effort, play safe.
9 186 3 9 An all or nothing par 3 with water guarding the green, into a northerly wind a driver must be called upon to clear the water. The best advice being to ' trust your swing'.
  3208 36    
10 480 5 16 Easiest of the par 5's, but still lots of trouble in them there mounds.
11 368 4 10 Lots of bunkers, keep right off the tee for easiest 2nd, bump and run is ideal but watch out for deep bunker on right side of green.
12 419 4 4 Don't slice from this tee, keep it left of centre. Difficult 2nd to an elevated and well bunkered green.
13 412 4 2 As close to the bunkers as possible is actually the best line here, cutting the corner on the left is simply too risky.
14 401 4 6 Trouble everywhere on this hole, straigh drive a must. Signature hole.
15 154 3 14 A deceptively difficult short hole, the hill on the right is a graveyard for golf balls whereas to miss the green on the left practically rules out a par.
16 342 4 8 A short par 4 with a premium on position off the tee. Anything left is a lost ball, therefore consideration should be given to an iron off the tee. The approach shot must not go right.
17 171 3 18 Club selection on this hole can vary from a 9 iron to a 3 wood depending on wind. No room to the left, out of bounds on the right, tee shot must be arrow straight.
18 465 5 12 Short but tough. Carrying to fairway beyond sand dune only for long hitters. Most should aim for bunker. 2nd is play safe or an all or nothing choice !!
  3212 36    
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  6420 72